Your market access
partner for quality healthcare

Intega is a pharmaceutical and healthcare specialist with a proven track record in
implementing business strategies for multi-national organizations in South East
Asia. We help expand your healthcare company into South East Asia by providing
market entry services.

Values For Success

We are committed to providing access to affordable healthcare throughout South East Asia. Integrity, Trust and Respect are the cornerstones of our business philosophy, and of our success. We seek long-term relationships founded on transparency; our promises are realistic and always delivered; we intimately understand, and adhere to, local rules and regulations.

Market Entry Solutions

We offer market appraisal and entry expertise for quality prescription drugs and for a wide range of medical devices, with deep regulatory knowledge, proven logistics and dynamic sales support.

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Hospital & Customer Solutions

We develop state-of-the-art, tailor-made, IT systems designed to accurately monitor and replenish hospital inventory and we offer a highly efficient and cost-effective redressing, repackaging, relabeling and bundling service.

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